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Hi there. I am Marko Tanaskovic and I am a front-end developer with exceptional HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jquery skills. I am currently working on expanding my knowledge and gaining skills in PHP and MySQL so I can become a full-stack developer. I am also very good at WordPress and am currently working on maintaining two websites based in WordPress and I am very experienced in publishing articles and performing a quality-chek on them.

I have 100% success rate on a popular freelancer website, Upwork. If you want to see more details about client feedbacks on my performance, please visit Upwork.

How Did I Learn Programming?

I do not have formal education in programming, and I have earned Master of Pharmacy Science degree at Faculty of Medicine, University of Nis, Serbia. I have strong background in mathematics and was always great at it, which helped me to learn programming more easily. I have learned programming mostly via online courses (W3Schools, Udemy, YouTube tutorials) and from my brother, who is very successful software engineer (with formal education). Of course, programming requires lots of practice so I have been involved in few projects and was able to create few websites on my own.

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Even though HTML is considered to be one of the most simplest language in programming world, it is still possible to create many things by using not so simple HTML. Through last coule of years I was able to create few HTML pages (from PSD files) and to create HTML emails for respective companies.



CSS is one of my specialities. CSS is a great tool for creating nice-looking websites and I am very good at it. Whichever back-end your site is using, you will need good CSS expert to improve your website look, and I can help you with that.



We all know how much mobile phones have replaced lap tops and computers. Almost 70% of website visitors come from mobile phone, therefore it is extremely important that you website is mobile responsive, and this cannot be done without Bootstrap. If your website has mobile responsivness issues, please reach out to me so we can improve this.



Almost 60% of all websites are created in Wordpress, thus making Wordpress as most important platform for websites. I was working on many Wordpress websites (mostly adding content, or improving look of the site), but I also created one website in Wordpress from scratch. I'm currently working on converting HTML/CSS websites to Wordpress.

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You can reach out to me via email - markotanaskovic89@gmail.com

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